"Combustion curry" that cannot be consented is not put out.  
After the reed of the combustion curry
Moji harbor retrospective store

【recognition Combustion curry club official 】
With cow's minced meat
(content amount 200g)18px14px2.3p

"Carii" this of "Combustion curry" Togi of Moji port cradle headquarters


"The combustion curry that cannot consent is not served. "

It ..fragrant "Combustion curry".. carves it.

Patent of sticking to that kept being made in 1955's"Originator grilling curry

焼きカレー アラカルト

"Entertainment" of Togi this does, and says that it will comfort it the other

party of speaking in Japanese.

In the meaning, "" shows the seasoning used to cook in Chinese.

We can talk with the customer through the dish even a little.

It is thought that it becomes healing the mind.

- What is the combustion curry?

- It adheres to the combustion curry history and the Mr.Dug blog.

The curry source is put on meal, and the egg and a small amount of cheese is put, and
it is an oven and a baked meat.

However, it is "Combustion curry" and exactly fragrant originator "Combustion

Names called a combustion curry are start a boom now and various combustion ..
kind of ".. curries.

There is".

Though the cradle of "Combustion curry" is Northern Kyushu City Moji Ward "Moji
port" in which I was born and grow up

The patent of the manufacturing method is acquired and it is introducing
oneself as an originator specialty store of "Combustion curry" now.

The Sotedoonion fruit etc. are various. the bouillon soup put up spend it
during 7〜8 hour

The source laid down for about two days that putting and a homemade spice are added and cooked

It is "Combustion curry" in the riot fragrantly baked at the high temperature of 300
degrees or more.

This combustion ..".. Ca at a dash for the soft-boiled egg served in the "
tororito" from the combustion curry not to be ..exquisiteness.. Yaked.

Let's eat and do not carry out Ra".

シーフード焼きカレー 海鮮のスープカレー ビーフカレー
Our shop boast with patent of manufacturing only in Japan of keeping making in about 1955's"Combustion curry"
Making of "Combustion curry shop", and strange soup curry made up of soup of Japanese Cattle, pork, and chicken to exceed Is it a taste in pork, seafood, the vegetable, and the concealment taste?
Eat with the fried rice
and the soup curry of Fcaage of "Togi this"
that uses.


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